Hello, my name is Wolfgang Ries. I live in the small village Altschwendt in Austria.

Since my childhood I am interested in astronomy.  I got my  first telescope 1982 when I was a 14 years old schoolboy. It  was a Refraktor with 60mm arperture. Thus I observed the moon and the planets.  For Deep Sky observations I used a 80x20 binocular. After a few years I stoped with Astonomy, because I had no usefull maps for my obesrvations.  

1994 I got an astronomy magazine to read. Thus my astronomy passion inflamed again. One year later I bought a C8 and a AP400 as mount. Later a Vixen R200SS followed. With this equipment I spent a lot of nights to observe and photograph the stars.

2002  I met  Richard Gierlinger . With his  know-how the dream of an own observatory becomes true.